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About Us


The Barton Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership (BCCRP) is a group which acts as a voice for passengers and communities along the Barton to Cleethorpes rail corridor.  Its partners include local people, volunteers groups, town and parish councils, train operators and local authorities.  Members take an active role in the development of their local rail service. 

We are always looking for like minded people to come and help us to continue our work or develop new projects.  If you are interested in taking part we would love to hear from you.


Contact our Community Rail Officer Dawn Branton


The BCCRP aims to create a vibrant and busy train service that encourages local people to take the train.


To help achieve this we hold events and activities to promote community involvement such as growing projects to make stations more welcoming and marketing events to promote local tourism, safety on the trains and keep passengers up to date with the service. 

We want to encourage economic growth, reduce carbon emissions, promote equality of opportunity, contribute to better safety and security, improve health and quality of life and a contribute to a healthy natural environment.


BCCRP is a group of volunteers and we are always looking for new local people to join us.  BCCRP offers a range of volunteering and work experience opportunities that could help those looking to be involved in the community or seeking employment. For example groups of 'station friends' can get involved with activities such as gardening or arts projects.


For more information contact our Community Rail Officer 


What is Community Rail Development?

The aim of Community Rail Development is to put local and rural railways on a sustainable footing for the long term, so that they can continue to offer a vital service for passengers and freight, contribute more to the local economy and meet Government targets on accessibility, the environment and social inclusion. New life for local lines. Railways as a whole consume a large amount of public funding and it is essential to demonstrate value for money. We aim to significantly increase the number of passengers using the line while decreasing reliance on government subsidies.


What is a Community Rail Partnership?

There are more than 60 Community Rail Partnerships (CRPs) across the UK bringing together passengers, councils, volunteer groups, train operators, tourism agencies and local employers along rail corridors to play an active role in the development of their local rail service. They are established by mutual agreement and are typically staffed by a paid officer supported by a committee of stakeholders. The Community Rail Network is their representative body and receives core funding from the Department of Transport.​

What is the Community Rail Development Strategy?

The Strategy is a set of ideas to increase the value of the railway to the community it serves and reduce the gap between fares revenue and central government support. These ideas fall into three areas:

· Increasing revenue - increasing both foot fall and revenue through raising awareness amongst potential travellers, better marketing, adjusting fares (both up and down), better revenue protection and introducing cost effective service enhancements.

· Reducing costs - ensuring that all work on railways is done efficiently and to the right standard avoiding over specification.

· Increasing community involvement - allowing the community to improve the railway through locally funded investment and voluntary effort.  This can help with economic regeneration of an area.

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