About the Barton Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership (BCCRP)


The BCCRP is a group which act as a voice for passengers and communities along the rail corridor whose members include: North & North East Lincolnshire Council, town and parish councils, Train Operators, volunteer groups & organisations and individuals so they can play an active role in the development of their local rail service.


East Midlands Railway Franchise


East Midlands Railway took over the franchise for the Barton - Cleethorpes line on 16 May 2021.  Northern have held the franchise in recent years until this date.


Community Involvement


As part of our day to day work we aim to create a vibrant and busy train service that links Barton upon Humber to Cleethorpes and its intermediate stations, encouraging people to live in, work in and visit North & North East Lincolnshire.


To help achieve these aims we have a series of events and activities that range from station planting and growing projects, on and off station marketing events which cover everything form Armed Forces Day to Barton Carnival and themed trains i.e. Santa Special with Father Christmas on the train giving out presents.


We are looking for likeminded people to come and help us continue our work or develop new projects.  If you are interested in taking a more active role in the partnership you can become a member and attend our meetings with Train Operators, DfT and members of North & North East Lincolnshire Councils.  We currently have vacancies for Vice Chair and Secretary.


Contact our Community Rail Officer Gill Simpson


The BCCRP's aims and objectives


The Barton Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership (BCCRP) are a group that act as a voice for passengers, communities, town and parish councils, businesses, volunteer groups and organisations along a rail corridor so they can play an active role in the development of their local rail service. They bring together Train Operating Companies (TOC’s), Network Rail, Local Authorities, Department for Transport and key stakeholders to develop activities that keep passengers up to date with the service, market the line to increase patronage and work strategically to bring about station improvement schemes.


Gill Simpson is the rail officer for the partnership and she can be contacted via the email address



A vibrant and busy train service that links Barton upon Humber to Cleethorpes and its intermediate stations, encouraging people to live in, work in and visit North & North East Lincolnshire.



To create a sustainable partnership that works cohesively with all stakeholders to achieve the priorities of this action plan and maximise income and investment into the Line and its surrounding communities.


Partnership Context

The BCCRP works closely with East Midlands Railway and Transpennine Express, North and North East Lincolnshire Councils to – Encourage Economic Growth, Reduce Carbon Emissions, Promote Equality of Opportunity, Contribute to: Better Safety & Security, Improve Health & Quality of Life and a Healthy Natural Environment – which are interpreted locally by each council.



1. To increase passenger volume and income.

2. To keep down the cost of running the line now and in the future, without compromising safety or service.

3. To involve the local community closely in the development of its railway.


To help us achieve these aims we have developed this action plan that includes a number of SMART targets which can be monitored until 2016. The delivery of the objectives will be achieved through the following areas of work:


Promotion and marketing

- Attractions – public transport information for attractions and events – joined up working with tourism and multimodal transport schemes.

- Notice boards on each platform at every station updated by volunteers

- Rail information in village centres

- Carry out station & on train activities that will attract mums with small children promoting under five years travel for free

- State of the art website, Facebook and Twitter

- Monitor information re hits on CRP website & patterns of usage

- Tourist board re attractions in Barton, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

- Tourist board re attractions and events in Hull City of Culture.

- Programme of line events – Santa Special, Halloween, Easter etc.

- Development of joint projects with Volunteer service providers VANL & VANEL

- Where it is not possible to put accurate information screens at station have posters promoting Northern’s App that could also be linked to BCCRP website, providing real-time information.

- Information about the rail service and attractions along the Line are freely available across Yorkshire and the Humber away from stations

- Successful movements of people by train to key events and festivals along the line e.g. Barton Bike Night, Cleethorpes Carnival.

- Patronage and Revenue will have shown a year on year increase between 2014-2016

- Make contact with Rosie Millward for joined up working on city of culture events.



- Every station to have a minimum level one adopter who carries out a weekly line inspection, the results of which are shared with the partnership.

- BCCRP to link with the in bloom villages along the line to be involved with planting at the stations this will include sensory and edible planting schemes.

- BCCRP – to be involved with the recruitment of station adopters as vacancies arise.

- All transpennine express trains should stop at Habrough because this is a hub station for the Barton Line and also the rail access point for Immingham residents.

- A Barton Line Rover Ticket

- Lighting should be installed at New Clee Station

- Electronic real time display units should be installed at every station showing when the next train is due.

- BCCRP Notice boards to be maintained/cleaned and updated regularly.

- Bus & taxi information at each station

- Information on the area for passengers arriving at a station (eg. Water’s Edge in Barton and Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes)

- Clear signage to stations from highways and pedestrian areas.

- Carryout Station Surveys.

- Stations are kept clean and well maintained (including vegetation) at all times of the year.

- The Sunday service should run all year round.

- A waiting shelter at Goxhill

- Through ticketing between the Fast Cat buses and the trains

- Improved connection with the Humber Fast Cat and the Train at Barton Interchange.


Community Involvement

- Have a link via Voluntary Services to local schools along the line.

- Have Voluntary Services volunteer projects along the line. VANL & VANEL

- More Town/Parish Council involvement along the line.

- Local agencies selling tickets

- Encouraging local businesses to support their station and events.

- Hold off station events in shopping centres, College/University open days, community fetes etc.


Integrated transport

- Walks & cycle rides between stations.

- Bus links to outlying areas.

- Information re rail at bus stations

- Local bus information / timetables to be available at staffed stations

- Commercial bus operators to connect with rail stations

- Better bus/rail integration

- Live travel information.

- Carry out feasibility studies on new ideas brought forward to ensure there is a real need i.e. more/fewer stops along routes.



The Partnership’s overall aim is to raise awareness of the Barton - Cleethorpes Line  locally, regionally and nationally. Since the development of the BCCRP, a number of initiatives have been delivered which have no doubt helped to increase patronage along the line however some objectives are on-going and will continue to be delivered in the short, medium and long-term.



· Continue to build the business case for a regular interval hourly service, in partnership with the train operator and Network Rail.

· Continue to work with key attractions and local businesses to develop joint promotion initiatives

· Continue to roll out small-scale improvements at each station, including information/notice boards, shelters and gardening projects

· Build relationships with schools to promote rail safety and travel awareness

· Work with Local Councils, Bus operators and TOCs to build a business case to improve connectivity with the Fast Cat and the Last Train from Barton to Cleethorpes



·  Continue the Sunday service through winter

·  Better connections with the Fast Cat Bus service

·  Integrated working between BCCRP and Station Adopters

·  Improved revenue collection initiatives.



·  Construct a new station at New Holland in partnership with Network rail and Northern.

·  Introduce all TPE trains stopping at Habrough.

·  Station Ticket Machine at Barton station.


Community Rail Humber


This is a 'not for profit' company, who oversee & help the YCCRP & BCCRP with their projects, events & marketing.